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Liberty Jail, a play in two acts Nauvoo Christmas Present from the Cards:

Liberty Jail, a play in two acts

His time in Liberty Jail was crucial in the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Imprisoned with his brother Hyrum and Sidney Rigdon, he faced a personal and spiritual crisis, emerging with some of the most powerful revelations in all of scripture.

Orson Scott Card's play has recently been revised to be within the reach of ward and stake productions. Ranging from comedy to drama, from tenderness to conflict, Liberty Jail is one of Card's most entertaining, thoughtful, and moving plays.

And as a Christmas present, he is offering it royalty-free to LDS units that wish to produce the play in 2006. All you need to do is let us know in advance and send us a copy of your program with proper credits; and of course, no admission can be charged (if admission is charged, then royalties will apply).

The play moves most smoothly with at least eleven men and five women, along with a couple of younger boys. But since parts can be doubled in this play-within-a-play, as few as three women and ten men can do the job. Also, it can be cast using only Young Men and Young Women or only Young Single Adults.

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