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Author Topic: Little serendipities - I had nothing to do with it
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I'm a big fan of fun stories about how things work out without explanation. (Well, I call them mini-miracles or blessings.) Here are a few that happened for me lately:

1. I had a problem with my relatively new car. I researched my warranty. Some parts are only covered for 24,000 miles, some for 36,000, and some for 48,000. I'm pretty good at reading those things and I was convinced the part that was broken was not covered.

So I take the vehicle in and the people in the service department say, "You're covered." Here I had been upset that Christmas was going to be a bit slim because it was either fix the car or have Christmas. And we live 30 miles from my school, so there's not a whole lot of choice.

I quickly went home and researched the cost. It was several hundred dollars. Looks like Christmas (with gifts) is still on at the Wain house. It would have still been OK. It's just nice to be able to get something for my wife.

2. I've really been disappointed with my job prospects. I am not in the top ranks of my class and school really makes not sense to me. The people with the good grades get the jobs first. However, I speak a few foreign languages and I have some really unique work experience.

The other day, I was talking to the dean of my school. I had never met him, but he was at a reception, so I said hello. He casually asked me what I am going to do after graduation, which I'm sure he does everybody.

Lo and behold, we have alumni working in the exact sector in the exact cities I want to work in. Up until now, I had researched like crazy and found nothing. The dean asked me to send my resume by email. A few days later, I was flooded with emails. Looks like one of them could turn out to be a summer job next summer, which could turn out to be a job offer in 2007. I mean, what better recommendation can you have than the dean of a law school forwarding your resume around? It's something I never expected.

Have you had any serendipities lately that can't be explained other than as a product of divine intervention?

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What a lovely idea for Thanksgiving Day ldswain... [Hat]

I have had so many in my life that it is hard to pick one, so maybe I should just give you the most recent one.

My husband is an RN and it is his turn to work this Thanksgiving Day. His normal schedule also includes this coming weekend... My kids had an invitation to spend the weekend with family friends and since my hubby was working it seemed a good thing to let them do... so I was feeling just a little sorry for myself, about spending this day alone. But then I decided that was fruitless and started to THROW myself into other activities I could find...

I sent hubby off with his lunch and a 'proper goodbye' and turned on my computer, headed back into Nauvoo, to see what I could find... I feel grateful to have this forum to read and something interesting to do with my day... BTW, Most of my time will be spent researching a family tree that I found a branch tangled into ours late last night... So I am okay with my lot... I also have an invitation to eat supper with some friends, (my hubby's shift is a 12 hr one... so he will be late.) Nevertheless, because of wonder people, flesh and bones and cyber alike... I will be busy and well cared for.

Often we find these "serendipities" if we are willing to look for them... I have been called a Pollyanna all my life... I guess I just perfer to see the glass as half full! [Wink]

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Mahonri Moriancumr
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Elder Bednar might call these serendipities, "The tender mercies of the Lord"

I've got dishes to do, but I'll come back soon and tell you all about our trip to San Diego two weeks ago.... more tender mercies of the Lord.


PS, is there a degree or something available here for making it past your 300th post?

[ November 24, 2005, 05:42 PM: Message edited by: Mahonri Moriancumr ]

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I like the quote, "A coincidence is a small miracle in which the Lord chooses to remain anonymous." [Smile]
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I thought it was nice that DaKnife's tooth waited to produce its abscess and require a root canal until *after* we were home from the honeymoon and *after* full dental coverage had kicked in.
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My mom recently has had one of these little serendipities--or tender mercies--when she returned from Bhutan only to fall ill with clots in her legs and lungs. When I called her in the hospital she said that it was a miracle that she made it back to the US to get medical aid. Since the clots in her lungs could have killed her quickly, she feels that the Lord preserved her by allowing her to return.
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Wain, I have been thinking about these "Little Serendipities", MM I like the term, "Tender Mercies" as well... thanks for the reminder... Anyway I have been pondering this topic for an hour or so now...

Over the last 16 months, the Lord has intervened in our behalf numerous times... I can recognize the first major event happening the week that my eldest son sent in his request to serve as a fulltime missionary. (This event happened to our younger son, he was struck by lightning at BSA Scout camp, and miraculously survive... his heart stopped a couple times...) Since that time the remaining members of my immediate family (husband, missionary son, daughter, and myself) have also survived, serious/life threatening... accidents/incidents.

My husband and I were in the same car accident. We probably should never have even survived the accident, let alone come out of it with relatively minor injuries... (I felt the need to remind myself of this... sitting here really hurting this morning... arm in a sling, and waiting for the surgery repairs to my shoulder to heal... it's easy to forget!)

My other 2 children were in different kinds of accidents, however each time one of these "accidents" has happened... sometimes after the fact... the spirit has whispered or expressed through another source (in the words of a blessing pronounce by a priesthood holder) to my mind or heart that each of our lives had been protected and spared... Definately the "Tender Mercies of the Lord."

Interestingly enough our whole family was sitting in the Conference Session when Elder Bednar gave that talk, at the time I had no clue how many times this subject would touch our family. A little over a month later our son entered the MTC... So much has happened this last year... It almost seems at times as though Satan has unleased his minnions against my family... as I look at some of the events. Nevertheless, each time we have needed "Divine Intervention" it has come as arms of angels surrounding us, and softening the blows... then that is followed by waves of peace to give us the strength to bear the remaining challenges. The Lord has also brought into the circle of our need, earthly "angels" in the form of HTer, Leaders and friends who have lifted our burdens and made them lighter.

I feel so tremendously blessed, almost to the point of wondering why the Lord should favor our family so. I look at the world around us and all the suffering, pain, heartache, longing and need. There are so many that need and deserve our Heavenly Father's staying hand in their lives and yet for some reason it doesn't come. (I have a SIL that lost an almost 19 yo son and and then my brother all in about 18 month's time, however a more faithful daughter of the God doesn't exist... so I know it isn't because I am somehow more worthy...)

I have had a lot of time to reflect on my blessings this weekend... I just really wanted to publicly acknowledge the hand of the Lord in my life... I am certainly blessed beyond my understanding, and extremely GRATEFUL for those blessings. [Blushing] The BEST I can do is all that is within my ability and power to lift the burbens of others around my... But I am also aware that becasue of my limitations I can barely scratch the surface... I will always be in His debt.

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I like the quote, "A coincidence is a small miracle in which the Lord chooses to remain anonymous."
I love that. Thank you for sharing it.

I've been on the receiving end of a lot of little miracles. I don't think I could count the number of times I should have died from this or that and, well, obviously I lived. I've been nearly hit by lightning twice, and both times, I felt an irresistable urge to move but a second or two before the lightning hit where I had been. I fell out of a moving car when I was a baby and landed on my head, yet sustained no injuries. Well, really, the list could go on and on and on.

The little miracle I love the most is the one that led me to my husband. Thing is, it wasn't one miracle, but rather, a series of miracles.

For backstory, I'll tell you this. I never thought I would get married in this life. I had such a rotten childhood that left me with so many emotional scars that I never thought I could get over enough to have a healthy relationship with a man. The fact that I have is about twenty thousand miracles alone.

Then one day, I woke up with a desire to start a blog. I'd known about blogs for a long time, but had no desire to do one. Until that day. And then I downloaded a program that suited my needs, started running it, and despite my computer geekness, had a massive block about how to get it working properly. His help file sucked. I visited the forum for this program, got some help, had more problems, then, at the programmer's invitation, contacted the programmer directly.

And promptly fell head over heels in love with a man I'd never met or talked to, who lived halfway around the world, but who, serendipitously, was more compatible with me than I ever would have thought possible. And he was head over heels in love with me, too. All because of a program I downloaded for a blog I previously didn't want to write.

Heavenly Father directed the whole thing, of that, I have no doubt, and neither does my husband. More than two years later, and I can recognize so many ways that my husband is the perfect mate for me. And still, we're also discovering new ways in which we complement each other.

I am far better off married to this man than I ever dreamed possible. He's a calming influence on me, and he's good for my self-esteem. I have never felt so loved in my entire life - that, in and of itself, is a huge miracle.

I feel blessed that Heavenly Father cares enough for me to get personally involved in orchestrating my marriage.

Here's to big serendipities! [Kiss]

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Mahonri Moriancumr
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My wife and I met during Christmas break 1986. I saw her sitting across the room in a young single adult Sunday School class, she flashed a smile at me with her beautiful teeth and I was smitten forever. The rest is history. 10 days later I asked her to marry me and 6 months later we were married in the Salt Lake Temple.

I headed back to school in the midwest, she stayed in Utah teaching seminary for CES, then in March of 1987 she called me and to tell me that she has made our reservation in the Salt Lake Temple and that she has asked a sealer to perform the wedding.

I was a bit disappointed that she would do all of this without consulting with me first... but I was many states away and we were already burning up the long distance telephone bills. I told her that the reason I was so disappointed is because while I was attending the U for undergrad, I often went with my roommates to do sealings early on Saturday mornings. We knew that if we got there early enough we would be assigned to our favorite sealer and I had always wanted to have him perform my future marriage.

She told me that she had met with a wonderful sealer in his office and that she was sorry but that she didn't think I'd be disapointed. When she told me that his office was in the Church Office Building it picked my curiosity and I asked her his name. She said, "Ned Winder"

I then started to cry and she said well I guess I could cancel him and you could ask the guy you wanted... and I replied, "No, That's who I wanted! I wanted Ned Winder!" It was a neat thing for both of us. We knew that it was one of those tender mercies that the Lord was pouring out upon us.

Fast forward...
In August 2005 my dear wife and I had a chance to go back to Utah as we were invited to attend the wedding of a young man who had served his mission here.

As we sat in the sealing room in the Salt Lake Temple... the same sealing room where we had been married more than 18 years earlier, waiting for the bride,groom and sealer to arrive, I said to my sweetheart-- "Wouldn't it be wonderful if Ned Winder walked in?"

She then said, "Oh, honey, don't you think he is dead and buried by now?"... I said... Perhaps, but it would still be great wouldn't it?

About 3 minutes later a bent over, grey haired man entered the room and I started bawling. All I could do is whisper, "It's him!". My wife then started saying a little too loudly, "That can't be Ned Winder... and the groom's mother turned around and said, "Oh yes it is... It's Ned Winder!"

We just wept tears of gratitude the rest of the day. We both got to hug him, tell him about our little family (7 kids now) and thank him for starting us out the right way in the right place.

Just over 2 weeks later, at the end of August this year, I was notified that Ned Winder had passed away. I was so thankful that I had the opportunity to see him again and to thank him.

In September of this year my wife and I had planned a little get away to San Diego for a couple of days. The first week of November of this year I had finished interviewing a couple who would be getting married the next week.

They had both attended the young single adult Sunday School class that my wife teaches each week so we had grown close. I told them that I felt badly (I hadn't even received an invitation) that I wouldn't be able to attend their wedding in Mesa that Friday because my wife and I would be in San Diego that day. They both smiled real big and said, "Then you're invited!" The wedding and the reception were being held in San Diego that very weekend and they hadn't invited anyone in the ward because they knew it was too far away.

We arrived in San Diego on Thursday afternoon, checked into our hotel and went to the Temple. After an endowment session they asked us to do a sealing session with the YSA of the Pacific Beach YSA Ward. It was wonderful... probably the most beautiful Temple I've ever seen or been in. The next day we arrived about an hour before the wedding... then they took us to the very same sealing room we had been in the night before to witness the marriage of our young friends. My wife just loves going away to different Temples for weddings....

Just those little tender mercies...


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