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Author Topic: OSC Love
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Every time I visit Hatrack, there seems to be too much negativity and complaining aimed at our host. Since Valentine's Day is next week I thought it would be good if we aimed some "love" at our host, Orson Scott Card (and family). Nauvoo is a great spot for OSC to visit and know he won't get a tomato to the face.

I have not read anything of OSC's that I have not enjoyed on some level. It is great to see him get into all sorts of mediums - from comic books, video games, graphic novels, manga and etc. Now Ender's Game the movie is coming but regardless of its outcome I know how great the book is that introduced me to OSC. The whole Enderverse has been enjoyable including Shadows in Flight and Ender in Exile and I look forward to what is to come.

Thanks for Nauvoo and all that you have done for many to enjoy!

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Thank you so much to the Card family:

To his children for getting Dad interested in manga, for giving us classic short films like "Remind Me Again" (would like to see that again, please) and "Jane Austen's Fight Club" (which I cannot view now [Frown] ), for inspiring poetry (found in "Doorways") to ease a hurting heart, and touching family novels ("Lost Boys").

For providing and occasionally contributing to Nauvoo; a haven I discovered in 1999, but felt unworthy or not intelligent enough to contribute to (and besides, who really cared what I thought, anyway?) and so lurked for two years until I developed the courage to do more. I've taken breaks, but always return. It's an extended family, where I can be amongst Saints, which are often in short supply in my real world.

For the writings--novels, poems, short stories and essays--that have been part of my life since I read "Gert Fram" as a child in 1977 (and he wrote it under a pseudonym, even). I devour anything of his that I get my hands on, and he makes me think about human nature in a way no other writer does. My life has been enriched through his writings. He really is my favorite fiction author. And I don't think for one second that he could be who he is as a writer without Kristine. So thank you both for this one.

[ October 18, 2012, 04:27 AM: Message edited by: CrowGirl ]

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[Clap] [Clap] [Clap] [Clap] [Clap] [Clap] [Clap] [Clap]
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I appreciate the Card's for hosting this forum- in a real sense, it is like another ward.
I haven't yet read one of his books, but I will. I have the Ender's Game and will start w/that one.

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You're right, we don't thank OSC & the Card family enough for providing this virtual home for us.
Thank you!!!! [Kiss]

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Sweet William
Member # 615

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I could not agree more. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Card for this place.

And thanks to Gracie for moderating, and thanks to Kathy before her.

[Kiss] Smoochies all around.

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Member # 762

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Thank you to the Cards.
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What everyone else said. [Smile]

I really appreciate having this place to come to. It is another ward for me. I don't get to go to church frequently because I'm chronically ill, but because of this forum, it's easier for me to stay close to the gospel. I love this place.

Thank you, Cards. [Smile]

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Member # 1727

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[The Wave] Thank you! V.
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Member # 619

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Thank you. This is my ward away from home.
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Member # 349

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Right now (for more reasons than I have the time or inclination to talk about)this forum is my link to the church. The members here give me are 85% inspirational to me! Could it be OSC and all of you are the cream of the Mormon crop? Thanks [Wave]
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Member # 176

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Nauvoo has been an important part of my life for a long time. I lurked for a long time before joining a long time ago! And OSC's writings were very important to me for a much longer time than that. Glad Nauvoo is here. THANKS!
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Member # 122

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I love OSC's writing. I enjoy how he always tries to put a clever twist in all he does. I don't always agree with his LDS cultural opinion pieces, but his advice on writing is probably some of the best in the business.

Thanks for Nauvoo, it's been a great place to share life...


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Member # 305

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Thank you. This is very much appreciated. Love to you all.
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Member # 1080

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Ditto to everyone, I've made some virtual friends here that while I haven't met them in real life, they know more about me than most of the people I know in real life.

Without the Cards, I wouldn't have had the chance.

So, in addition to the great books that I love reading and look forward to (Enchantment 2 maybe?), the Cards have given me an online family which I am very grateful for.

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Member # 1722

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Happy Valentine's Day, Cards! Thank you for allowing us all to hold our virtual ward meetings in your virtual living room. Thank you for the deeper discussions of doctrine than can occur in Sunday School class, for the place to come whenever there's a question that I need an LDS viewpoint on, and for opening my eyes to the wide range of diversity that makes up the seemingly homogeneous LDS community. I love this place. I wish I could know my ward members this well. (Most of them. [Wink] )

p.s. I love the idea of Enchantment 2 ... always wondered which side those kids would end up on.

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Member # 600

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To add my voice to the chorus of gratitude: thank you! Nauvoo has been a blessing for me.
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Member # 1141

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I found this place by accident when I was preparing to visit Nauvoo and was searching the internet. I love this place, for all the reasons already mentioned. I don't post every day, but visit here almost daily.
Thanks for those who visit here, and the Cards for making it possible, EDG for keeping us civil. [The Wave] [Group Hug]

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OSC is the bee's knee's. His lovely wife is the cat's pajama's.
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