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Author Topic: rude ring-back tones
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I was calling a client to tell her of the status of her tax refund. This client was abrasive to a co-worker earlier today, and I was not looking forward to speaking with her. When I called I recieved a rapper style ring back tone. The message was (in effect)

"I don't give a * if you leave a message or not. If you do I may not give a * to reply and if you don't I guess your too * stupid to know how."

I did not leave a message. The woman called back, (thank you caller ID!) and I gave her the info.

I can't understand how people think that ring back tones such as that are entertaining! (The message before the 'tone' always states : "Please enjoy the music while your party is reached..." Many of these ring back tones are loud and offensive. What if I were a potiental employer????

[ February 13, 2012, 11:07 PM: Message edited by: Redd ]

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good for you for not leaving a message!
When I was on my mission, to the tune of the Michael McLean song "You are Not alone", my comp sang a fun paradoy of sorts..

when people called, our answering machine message (in song)that my comp sang was:

"we're not at home, even though right now you're on the phone, leave your name and number and we'll call you back when we return..."

anyway, I really liked it, but some people in the two stakes we served complained about the message and we had to change it.

[ February 13, 2012, 11:26 PM: Message edited by: nitasmile ]

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Interestingly many people don't think about their ring tones in terms of being at an employer or having an employer call them.
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What if Grandma calls?
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My husband works in our state unemployment office and he tells people who have these annoying things to get rid of them if they ever hope to get off the unemployment roles. I know if I were an employer with multiple candidates to choose from, I wouldn't even finish listening to the ring back and they'd NEVER hear from me.
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Sweet William
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He should probably mention that snarky spoken greetings are potential employer poison as well.

Really, all people need to know is if they have reached the right person's phone.

If I am listening to a voicemail greeting, then I already know both that you are not available, and that my call is terribly important to you (well, DUH, it's important little ME calling after all).

I'm fine if you keep it very short and don't repeat those two obvious things in your greeting.

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I had to call a chemical toilet company helpline when the toilet on site became blocked. There was a sign inside the cubicle saying in the case of problems, phone this number. I did; the phone rang a couple of times, then the message clicked in: hysterical laughter.

I was amused.

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A friend in law school, D, lived with his brother and a mutual friend who were pursuing their Bachelor degrees. I knew them all from back home. K and S changed the message on their machine weekly. One week, it entailed a message, among other things, to leave name, number, and if you were a female, your measurements. D had put his name out for interviews. A female partner left a message. When D called backed, she tore him up one side and down the other for that little stunt.

D controlled the answering machine after that.

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I think the most annoying (and yet genius) answering machine joke I've ever experienced was when a couple friends of mine set their voicemails to just say "Hello?"

And every single time, I fell for it! [Wall Bash]

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I had a friend take it a step further. They said "Hello?" paused, and the started up with, "Oh it's you, blah blah blah ..." and that went on for quite awhile (for a message), and then ended their spiel with oh, you didn't think this was really me did you? Time to leave a message."

Come to think of it, I think they even threw in one or two generic questions, that required the equivalent of oh that's nice response.

[ February 15, 2012, 01:57 PM: Message edited by: FlyByNight ]

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jana at jade house
Member # 559

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today we realized that a change in communication provider means a change in automatic answering there went our message that ended "please leave a message after the tone"...and the Big Dog went WOOF right on cue- but not intended. we left it that way after he died and pooh now it is gone for good... wah.
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Can I just say I'm feeling incredibly low at the moment and this thread has really put a smile on my face. Thank you so very very much. xxx
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tapdancer: sorry to hear that. I know how much little joys can mean when you feel that way. Here's to better days!
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